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2003 March of Dimes Walk

Event Date: April 27, 2003
Event Start: 8:00am
Event End: Around Noon
Location: Howard County Community College
Event Operations: To ensure safety to and on the Wonderwalk, To ensure the safety of walkers at the intersection of Little Patuxent Parkway and Harpers Farm Road, To transport exhausted/injured walkers back to College Grounds

Event Report
On a last minute notice, Howard County REACT units 614 and 687 volunteered to assist the Columbia Amateur Radio Association to assist with event communications at the March of Dimes Walk. To start off the event, unit 614 directed vehicle traffic to allow walkers across the main college campus road toward the Wonderwalk (a short distance walk mostly intended for children in the event), while unit 687, stationed at a bridge that crosses a stream on the Wonderwalk, ensured safety at the bridge and passed out donated lollipops to children on the path.

After all of the walkers were off of and past the Wonderwalk path, 614 and 687 assisted county police to direct vehicle traffic to allow walkers across Little Patuxent Parkway and Harpers Farm Road near the start/end line at the end of the event.

As both units headed toward this next assignment, one ham operartor requested that someone transport any walkers who could not finish the event due to exhuastion/injury as there was already a walker that had a minor injury and did not want to finish the event.

After hearing this, unit 614 volunteered for the assignment and received directions from net control. Approximately 15 minutes later, 614 returned with the walker and took her to the HC Medic Unit on the college grounds. A few minutes later, another medic unit arrived on scene and transported the patient to Howard County General Hospital.

687 preceeded to direct walker and vehicle traffic until the end of the event.

614 also transported 4 more walkers due to exhaustion.

At the end of the event, unit 614 and 687 also located a walk participant whose father, a ham operator, was arriving to pick her up.

This event ended around noon and it turned out to be a very beautiful day for walkers!

A special thanks to the Columbia ARA for letting us help where ever they needed us and to all of the sponsors and vendors of the event for providing food and very much needed water to walkers and us!

Unit 614 in between his and 687's vehicle getting ready to direct traffic when walkers arrive.
Wonderwalk path bridge where 687 was stationed during the begining of the walk.
614 directing traffic shortly before the large crowd of walkers.
614 directing a vehicle through the crosswalk.
The intersection where 687 helped Howard County Police direct vehicle and walker traffic. The MOD tent is directly ahead in the background.
Another shot of the intersection with two Howard County Police Officers helping with the intersection.