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Hurricane Isabel Emergency Ice Distribution

Event Date: September 21, 2003
Event Start: 1:00pm
Event End: Around 9:00pm
Location: The Mall In Columbia
Event Operations: Hand Out Ice to Residents Still Affected by Widespread Power Outages

Event Report
Around 12pm, I received a phone call from Ms.
Pam Simonson, the Disaster Volunteer Coordinator at
Volunteer Center Serving Howard County. The call...
concerning ice distribution at The Mall in Columbia when
in the next hour. In desperate need of volunteers, the
volunteer center wanted to know if we could help. Of
course, we were there. Luckily for them,  Unit 621 and
myself were taking a rest after the Police Pace we had
just finished earlier that morning.

Upon arriving at the mall, we were both greeted by
several County Fire Fighters as well as County Police
Officers and recruits (several of them recognizing us
from the Police Pace earlier that day) and several volunteers from the Volunteer Center.

The man who was in charge, Chief Frease (yes, it is pronounced Freeze!) was the coordinator of what he later called Operation Igloo.

Soon, the ice arrived. A greatly generous donation of 1,800 bags of ice and approximately 400 gallons of water from Giant Foods was ready to give away to residents in great need of relief from the humid conditions.

What a great feeling it was to hand out the ice. People
drove from as far away as northern Baltimore County to
get ice for their family and friend.

Throughout the afternoon, everything became systematic
and fun. We had made many friends and shared many
common interests with the fire fighters, police and other
volunteers. By about 9pm, traffic had slowed down and
we decided to put up for the night to possibly hand out
ice the next day!

Thank you to the Volunteer Center Serving Howard County and more specifically Pam Simonson for keeping us informed and finding things for us to do after such an event and too all the volunteers fire fighters and police officers for their help in handing out ice, we all gave a lot of people a little relief after this major disaster.

Team Member David Perry (Unit 687) asks a Howard County resident if he needs ice, water, or both.
Team Member David Perry (Unit 687) directs vehicles coming towards the ice truck.