Baltimore Metro REACT is a volunteer, not for profit, 501 c-3 tax exempt organization
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The links below are the guest book functions. Please feel free to sign it whether or not you are a member of REACT. The posting below are from our guestbook as Howard County REACT. We look forward to hearing from you.

Previous Postings As Howard County REACT

Bill   Monday, 4/5/04, 2:13 PM
You need some new pics up....Any of the team of team vehicles?????LOVE the site..... Bill kc2kuy
From: Glen Aubrey ny

Darren Freer DPR-35 Friday, 4/2/04, 4:52 PM
David & Anna, Thank you for the great write up on your REACT web page. We are very happy that you found us on your trip and took time to share some stories with us. We love seeing other REACT teams and always have time for a few laughs. Come see us again. Darren R. Freer Treasurer/Public Relations Officer Dutchess/Putnam County REACT
From: Dutchess/Putnam REACT
Web Site:  Dutchess & Putnam County REACT

Bryan Plog Thursday, 4/1/04, 4:02 AM
Just took a look at the web site and the story of your trip looks good. I'm the Lieutenant for duthchess/Putnam County REACT. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you in the future
From: Dutchess County, NY
Web Site:  Dutchess/Putnam County REACT,Inc.

Bill Komar   Wednesday, 3/24/04, 5:11 AM
I just wanted to say i love the site and hope to meet you folks someday...I am trying to start a REACT team here but the local hams are against it all the way so i don't see it going at all...Bummer.. Bill kc2kuy 73's
From: Glen Aubrey NY

Vince Caruso   Thursday, 2/12/04, 8:22 AM
Great looking site keep up the good work.
From: Tri-State Emergency Communications-REACT 6086

Tay Valley REACT UK # 6085 Tuesday, 2/3/04, 12:01 PM
Hello folks, Just been checking out your website, it is looking great. We have just received our official charter and are putting our plans together. Keep safe. Gareth (Team Coordinator)
From: Dundee, Scotland

Joe   Friday, 1/23/04, 4:25 PM
nice website. i'm trying to get a REACT going here in BakerCity and it would be called BakerCountyREACT and it's been slow going to get it started
From: BakerCity Oregon

George T. Girard   Friday, 1/23/04, 4:20 PM
we are tring to get a react here in Baker County Oregon and we keep destroying the walls that have been preventing it.
From: Baker City Oregon

John SpaticSunday, 8/31/03, 10:53 AM
Thanks for still REACTing out there and thank you especially to Unit 687 for his help when my tire went flat on I-95! You guys are great. Johnny
From: Columbia

Gary RandallSunday, 7/13/03, 4:57 PM
Great Site!!! Gary Randall Federal City REACT Unit 29
From: Washington, DC

Steven Provost   Wednesday, 6/4/03, 8:34 PM
Hello fellow REACT Members, Just a fast helloand a fine job done on the team website. i hope you will stop by our team site and check it out... Steven Provost (Founder/Vice President/Membership chairman)
From: Springfield Massachusetts
Web Site:  Pioneer Valley React Team #6049

Frank M. Eilbacher   Tuesday, 5/6/03, 3:51 PM
Good looking website, very informative. Looking forward to working with you all in the near future.
From: Central Maryland Red Cross
Web Site:  Central Maryland Red Cross

Bill Durbin   Sunday, 4/27/03, 9:24 PM
Nice job on the website ...very well maintained & informative!
From: Saint Louis, MISSOURI

Crichton C. "Rob" Roberts    Thursday, 4/3/03, 6:31 PM
Aloha from Honolulu REACT Team, Inc. C-10. Are any of your members coming to the convention in Evansville, IN? Would love to meet all y'all.
From: Honolulu, HI

Gary Randall     Monday, 3/10/03, 8:42 AM
This is a great site David! Good luck on preparing the other sites for other teams. Great meeting you at the State Council Meeting. Federal City Unit 29
From: Washington, DC

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