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Wild Peacock in Maryland? By David Perry, May 31, 2003

Around 4:10pm, while running some errands in Clarksville, units 621 and 687 heard of a report of a concerned motorist spotting a peacock in a residential area. Expressing concern and of course, interest, both units decided to check it out.

A few minutes later, both units arrived on scene to find the motorist looking at a resident's back porch. Units 621 and 687 looked in the same direction and found a fully grown peacock standing on a porch railing. 621 and 687 were interested in the fact that the peacock showed no signs of being scared, almost as if it lived in the area.

After checking with a couple residents in the area, 621 and 687 found that indeed there were several peacocks that have been living in the area for years and that they may have been offspring of one resident's pet peacocks.

621 and 687 stayed on scene for about 30 minutes to admire the peacock and then decided to leave after snapping a few photos.